Image Stories

Every image has a story.  It is my hope that an image will tell its own story to each viewer.  There is also the the story of around the making of the image, and those I shall recount here.  Sometimes they involves an adventure and others may reflect on the people or living things that define a place.  All the stories are mine and are true to the best of my recollection.


"It’s a semi-true story, Believe it or not I made up a few things and there’s some I forgot. But the life and the tellin’ are both real to me and they all run together and turn out to be A semi-true story." 

- Jimmy Buffett, Troubadour and Prophet


Dawn on Rocky River

Although I started shooting as a hobby as far back as junior high (many decades ago), it was the project that led to creation of this image that marked my transition from someone who took some nice pictures from time to time to a landscape photographer able to conceive, plan, capture and process an image into a finished work.  It was 2012 and the  Chatham Conservation Partnership (CCP) ran a series of photography workshops led by David Blevins with the finished prints of all participants forming a traveling exhibit called, "Through Their Lens: Chatham County".  The goal of the exhibit was to draw attention to the natural beauty of Chatham County, North Carolina and the threatened habitats, resources, and species in the county.  At the conclusion of the exhibit tour, the prints were given to Triangle Land Conservancy where they were auctioned off to raise funds for land conservation efforts.  This image was taken at TLC's White Pines Nature Preserve.

Nikon D40 w/ Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 DX (17mm)
0.4 sec @ f22 with polarizer filter


Tybee Island Pier

Tybee Island, GA has become a favorite shooting location for me over the past few years.  It is located just off the coast near Savannah and offers a variety of coastal habitats and wonderful water views.  The Tybee Island Pier is landmark known locals and tourists alike. This image was captured early New Years morning 2017.  The sun was struggling to poke thorough low thick layer of clouds.  I used a neutral density filter to reduce the light entering the camera to allow for a long shutter speed, which softened and smoothed the water.

Nikon D7100 w/ AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm (18mm)
10 sec @ f22 with 3-stop ND filter


Lake Wenatchee the Fallen

A business trip unrelated to photography took me to Washington State, first to Seattle and then to a small town in central Washington.  Well since I was going to be driving up and over the Cascades, I figured I drag my photography kit along and take the scenic route (US Rt 2), rather than I-90, up to Wenatchee National Forest and Lake Wenatchee.

I didn't have much time as the light was fading fast and I had an evening appointment to keep.  After trying several different compositions, I felt this was the best.  The fallen tree leads the eye from left to right and then the rocky shore, island, and distant mountains bring the eye back to the left as you go into the frame.  The root ball of this tree is the subject of "Roots".  The drive from the Seattle waterfront to central Washington takes you through a series of very different ecosystems shaped and defined by the ocean and mountains.  Beginning at a coastal shoreline and quickly moving into foothills and temperate rain-forest, and as you head down the east side of the Cascade Mountains the habitat and landscape change very quickly again to that of high dessert and then into wide open plains.  I will have to make another trip to the area just to photograph.  The subjects and compositions seemed endless as I drove.

Nikon D7100 w/ AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm (18mm)
1/125 sec @ f8 - converted to b&w in Adobe Lightroom